Escape the Overwhelm

A FREE MasterClass for Coalition Leaders

with Jennifer Redmond Knight, DrPH

If you have been leading or building coalitions for any length of time, you have likely felt overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list, a calendar packed with meetings, and competing priorities. You want to take care of the people you are serving, make a real difference in the world and be someone who gets things done. While these are all important, you only have a limited amount of time - and more importantly - energy. I know it may seem impossible but you CAN escape the overwhelm.

  • Get clear on which activities you need to spend most of your time doing

  • Apply a practical approach to reclaim your calendar

  • Create rituals that will help you transition between different parts of your life

  • Learn to say “no” so that you can say “yes”

"Jennifer’s combination of skills, knowledge, and experience is hard to find in a niche field like coalition building. She knows the work, has studied the issues, has honed the skills, and guides others to success in a clear and approachable manner. Jennifer has helped our coalition improve how it meets, plans, and grows, and most importantly, how it works together."

Kelly Sittig

Executive Director

Iowa Cancer Consortium

This Masterclass is a must attend if...

You are struggling with feeling overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list

You are running from one meeting (zoom) to the next without time to actually DO any of the work you would like to do

You are looking for ways to find balance and rhythm in your life

You are weary and ready to try something new

Escape the Overwhelm

This MasterClass will help you get clear on what is most important and give you tools that you can use immediately to find balance in your life. Whether you are in a season of feeling overwhelmed or you have been struggling with overwhelm for years, this MasterClass is for you.

Join me to discover practical actions that you can take right now to find balance and rhythm.