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Meetings Your Members Will Love

With Jennifer Redmond Knight, DrPH

Let’s face it. Coalition work = meetings. Although meetings are an essential part of coalition work, they are often one of the most time-intensive, challenging aspects of the work. You want people to engage in the midst of 1000 distractions and want meetings to be a good use of everyone’s time.

Join me if you have been asking yourself any of these questions….

  • How can I get people to want to show up for my meetings?

  • Are there things I can do to make it easier to plan my next meeting

  • Does everyone need to be invited to every meeting?

  • What can I do to get the attendees to actively engage during the meetings?



Clarify your meeting purpose

Figure out which type of meeting will work best for your situation

Incorporate key elements that will maximize engagement

Follow up effectively from your meetings

"Jennifer is truly a leader in the field of collaborative coalition work. When working together in Kentucky, under Jennifer’s leadership, our cancer coalition grew from 20 partners to over 50 organizations. Jennifer was able to identify and draw out the strengths of each partner at the table, which changed the tone of the entire coalition. Instead of getting ‘stuck’ on barriers or gaps, each partner could see their defined role and how their efforts were necessary to move the coalition forward."


Strategic Director, Comprehensive Cancer Control Initiatives, American Cancer Society

This masterclass is a must attend if:

You are struggling with all the details involved in coalition meetings

You are discouraged by the lack of engagement from meeting attendees

You want to know that you are not alone in this struggle

You want some new ideas that you can apply right away

Meetings your Members will Love will provide clarity and tools that you can use right away to host effective and engaging meetings with your coalition, partnership, non-profit, council, team or board.

Whether you are brand new to coalition and partnership meeting planning or you have been leading coalitions and partnership meetings for years, this masterclass is for you.