Perfecting Your Purpose

Premium Training for Coalition Leaders

with Jennifer Redmond Knight, DrPH

What's the average coalition's biggest weak point?

It's not a lack of talent, not a lack of time, not even a lack of money.

I've spent 20 years helping coalitions and I've found that the number one weak point of the average coalition is not having a clearly defined purpose. When you don't have a clear purpose in your coalition, you say yes to everything, and you don't prioritize the work that you're good at and enjoy doing. It can cause friction between organizations that share a similar mission, and it can cause you to make poor decisions.

And we haven't even talked about the calendar-wrangling, the volunteer-corralling, and all the firefighting that you get sucked into every day. You can tame the chaos. And it starts by getting clear on your purpose.

What is our unique role as an organization?
How do I know who we need to recruit to our coalition?
How do we keep my work group or committee focused on the right things?
How do we coordinate with other coalitions, rather than compete with them?

If you've asked yourself any of these questions, you're in the right place.

You Will Learn How To...

  • Match your priorities with your purpose

  • Find clarity on how you're uniquely equipped to achieve your goals

  • Narrow down your focus so you don't feel like you have to be everything to everyone

  • Make better decisions as you plan your meetings and recruit new members

"Working with Jennifer equipped and empowered our staff to facilitate foundational conversations with the cross-sector partnerships that they convene. Conversations about group engagement, vision, and purpose were made more meaningful with the tools, resources, and coaching provided by Jennifer."

Jen Trail

Assistant Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives

Tennessee Department of Health

This training is for you if...

you are saying yes too often and are unable to focus your full attention on any one thing

you feel like you need to hire a bouncer to keep you from doing the wrong things

you feel like you're NOT on the same page with related organizations, leading to duplicated work and confusion about who is responsible for what

you are just really tired and ready for a change

Perfecting Your Purpose

will help you match your priorities to your purpose, no matter your role in the coalition. You personally, your work group, and your coalition at large can settle the chaos when you get clear on your purpose. Your new purpose statement is a living document that will help you make better decisions every single day.

Join me in creating your perfect purpose statement today!