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The Thing No One Wants to Talk About

Part 1

With Jennifer Redmond Knight, DrPH

No one really wants to talk about it, yet accountability is one of the most important and challenging aspects of coalition work. We want our coalition members to be engaged, but we also recognize they are often working as volunteers. When leading coalitions, partnerships, non-profits, teams, councils, it is easy to come up with lots of ideas of what we could do but challenging to figure out who will actually do all the work.

You'll want to join me in my next masterclass if you find yourself struggling with...

  • Convincing people to volunteer

  • Holding people accountable when you aren't paying them

  • Getting volunteers to do what they say they are going to do

  • Finding simple strategies to get people to follow-through



Set the example for accountability in your coalition

Identify win-win opportunities so that your members and partners will want to volunteer

Be more realistic about what to expect from volunteers

Implement simple strategies to encourage accountability

Incorporate rituals in meeting preparation and follow-up that inspire engagement and follow through

"Dr. Redmond Knight has an iconic and rare set of coalition experiences to draw upon for any coalition. She has been instrumental to the Arkansas Cancer Coalition (ACC) by engaging our coalition members as the facilitator of the Arkansas Cancer Summit. She has coached us through the Arkansas Cancer Plan update process by providing pertinent content and strategies to advance our cancer control goals. The skills and techniques I have learned through her guide to coalition building blog has helped us sustain and increase partnerships to reduce the burden of cancer in Arkansas. I am so thankful to have Dr. Redmond Knight a part of our ACC family."

Trena Mitchell

Executive Director, Arkansas Cancer Coalition

This two-part masterclass series is a must attend if:

You are struggling to find more than just a few people to volunteer to do the work

You are discouraged by the lack of follow-through in your group

You want to know that you're not alone in this struggle

You want new ideas on how to engage volunteers

The Thing No One Wants to Talk About Part 1 and Part 2 will provide clarity and tools that you can use right away to promote accountability in a positive way with your coalition, partnership, non-profit, council, team or board.